Location Scope of Work  Contract Type
Midwest SS Pipe Fabrication/ Pulp Processing Upgrade Unit Rate
Southeast Cement Plant Structural/Misc. Steel Lump Sum
Southeast Fibreboard Plant Structural/Misc. Steel  Lump Sum
Midwest Chemical Plant Structural/Misc. Steel Unit Rate
Southeast Paper Machine Process Piping Lump Sum
Southeast Wastewater Process Piping Lump Sum
Midwest Sports Center Structural/Misc. Steel Lump Sum
Northeast Boiler UPgrade Structural/Misc. Steel Unit Rate
Southwest Stainless Steel Flume Tank Lump Sum
Midwest Paper Machine Process Stainless Steel Tanks Lump Sum
Midwest Food Processing Plant Structural Steel Lump Sum
Midwest Medical Building Structural/Misc. Steel Lump Sum
Midwest Paper Machine Process Pipe Fabrication Lump Sum